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Nile-Tec Laser Speargun 125cm - 140cm

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Somewhere between deep reef and blue water hunting, there is always a need to own a versatile speargun, easy to track yet powerful enough to land that big fish which just happened to pass by unexpectedly in shallow waters. The Nile Tec Laser is an all-around speargun for advanced Spearos, with minimal recoil and long effective range shots; its accuracy and power lives up to its name.


To counter recoil, the stock mass is balanced with the power of the bands and the size of the spear…..and very importantly, the stretched bands alignment are in the same plane as the spear. Bands alignment with spear is accomplished due to the unique design of the muzzle that elevates each band at an early stage.
While the power bands snap back to their original position…they remain in flight on the same level of the spear……preventing what is known as “Muzzle Flip”; a major cause of inaccuracy.


Nile-Tec Laser features:

2 x 16mm bands.
7mm (9/32") or 8mm (5/16") US (square) notch spears, with two full size Sharkfin tabs.
Stainless Steel handle frame with composite textured black grips.
Nile-Tec US Side Line Release trigger mechanism or US Reverse Top Line Release trigger mechanism with auto reset line release arm. Both triggers incorporate a safety.
Epoxy graphite enclose track.
Stainless steel ballasting line anchor.
Muzzle bungee with pigtail snap-swivel
Butt extension with rubber pad for comfortable hip loading.