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Diver Down Flag


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Legal size diver down flags available in two sizes, for float 13.5" x 12" and for boat 24" x 20".


  • Stitched-in fiberglass stiffner. Better than the conventional wire stiffner which gets entangled with other gear in your equipment bag, bends and requires constant straightening, and causes the grommets to rip out of the flag material rendering the flag illegal and unusable.
  • High quality nylon construction.
  • Stainless steel grommets.
  • Stitched on white stripe. Will not fade and rub off like a painted on stripe.
  • Boat size flag accepst the cheapest and most readily available flag pole; a 1/2" white PVC pipe
  • Float size flag accepts a 1/4" diameter flag pole. Home Depot sells a 48" tall driveway marker for $2 with the perfect size fiberglass pole for the flag.

 * Flag pole not included.


Florida Statute 327.331

(c) “Divers-down flag” means a flag that meets the following specifications:

  1. The flag must be square or rectangular. If rectangular, the length must not be less than the height, or more than 25 percent longer than the height. The flag must have a wire or other stiffener to hold it fully unfurled and extended in the absence of a wind or breeze.
  2. The flag must be red with a white diagonal stripe that begins at the top staff-side of the flag and extends diagonally to the lower opposite corner. The width of the stripe must be 25 percent of the height of the flag.
  3. The minimum size for any divers-down flag displayed on a buoy or float towed by the diver is 12 inches by 12 inches. The minimum size for any divers-down flag displayed from a vessel or structure is 20 inches by 24 inches.