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Sporasub Mystic Mask


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Sporasub Mystic low volume spearfishing and freediving masks. The NEW 2014 models have the same fit and low volume as their predecessors, and sport new skirt colors and camo patterns on the mask frame.

The Sporasub Mystic is a compact mask, with a very soft comfortable fitting skirt. The polycarbonate mask frame and liquid silicone skirt mechanically hold the lenses without the use of the usual lens rings. This design reduces the overall size and inner volume of the mask. Not having lens rings increases the visual field around the external perimeter of the lens. The front panel, made of TPR, is molded in the mask body. But the mask can be disassembled in order to replace standard lenses with prescription lenses. Both the mask frame and the skirt have a non-reflecting satin finish.

The protruding strap regulation teeth have been increased to allow better strap length adjustment. The buckles are made in acetylic resin to increase traction and holding strength. They are tightly connected to the mask body making the skirt free to adapt to the shape of the face. Their rotation, downwards and upwards, has a maximum angle of about 70 degrees.