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Rob Allen X Blade 2 Titanium Knife

Rob Allen X Blade 2 Titanium Knife


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The Rob Allen X-Blade 2 Titanium Knife replaces the older model stainless steel X-Blade knife which is now discontinued. The Rob Allen X-Blade 2 Titanium Knife features an extremely low profile design so it can't accidentally hook up on your shooting line or on your float line.

It comes with a 105cm sharp blade that’s strong enough to handle any heavy duty fish. The Titanium used in the blade is manufactured in one complete section from the tip of the knife to the very end of the handle. This ensures an extremely strong blade that won't snap out of the handle. The blade features an extremely sharp cutting edge and a serrated cutting edge for quickly slicing through rope or line in an emergency. The dagger style design of this knife and its easy to grip handle makes it a highly effective kill knife when it's time to dispatch your fish.

The handle itself has been made from a synthetic plastic with small nodules that improve your grip and give a very positive feel of the knife in your hand. The Rob Allen X-Blade 2 Titanium Knife handle includes an integrated spear wrench to help remove spears that may become lodged in reef or big fish. The thin end of the slot in the handle is away from the blade end of the knife, so when you use your knife as a spear wrench your fingers are away from the blade while the spear is centralised in the handle. The spear wrench can also be used to straighten bent cluster tips in the water should you be using a handspear.

The Rob Allen X-Blade 2 Titanium Knife also includes the popular Rob Allen Knife Sheath that’s designed to be worn on either your calf or on your forearm, reflecting the continuing concept of keeping the profile of the knife and the sheath to a minimum to avoid annoying snagging. The sheath is available in two strap length options, medium or large. The difference in the length of the elastic straps is 1/2". Both sizes can be worn on the calf or upper arm depending on the individual. If you don't have "big" arms and want to wear it on the arm go for the medium size. It's design also



  • Blade length: 105cm
  • Includes a sharp cutting edge and a serrated cutting edge
  • Full one piece Titanium construction for superior blade strength and lightness
  • Slim profile so it won't snag on your shooting line or your float line
  • Simple easy pull sheath for super quick release when needed
  • Bright orange pull cord for high visibility if accidentally dropped
  • Includes a handy integrated spear wrench
  • Positive grip and feel handle
  • Supplied with the Rob Allen Knife Sheath which can be leg or arm mounted