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Stainless Steel Wishbone Inserts

Stainless Steel Wishbone Inserts


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These stainless steel wishbone inserts simplify making your own speargun bands. They insert easily into the rubber tubing, and are held securely inside the band with a simple constrictor knot. Wishbones tend to deteriorate before the rubber bands due to friction with the spear notches or tabs, the wishbone inserts eliminate the hassle of retying the bands to replace the wishbone. A worn Dyneema wishbone is replaced by simply tying a knot at each end. When the band rubber deteriorates and needs to be replaced, the wishbone inserts are reusable with your next set of bands.

The advantages of these wishbone inserts compared to others is their small size and light weight, which translates into more efficient speargun bands.

Speardiver tip

These wishbone inserts are not to be confused with articulated all steel wishbones, such as those used with notched shafts of some pipe guns. We consider articulated steel wishbones, also known as finger removers, to be dangerous and unnecessary.