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Rob Allen Shafts

Rob Allen Shafts


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Available in 6.5mm, 7mm and 7.5mm diameters, Rob Allen shafts are forged from spring steel, and are electroplated as well as tempered, making them extremely strong and rust resistant. The high carbon content of spring steel makes for an extremely hard material that resists snapping and shattering, while maintaining pliability under high tension.  The material's low alloy content prevents the shaft from staying bent after being flexed, and makes vulnerable areas like the tip, sear and shaft notches fatigue resistant.

Rob Allen shafts feature a crescent type sear notch compatible with many brands of Euro trigger mechanism spearguns, a tri-cut style point, and a bottom mounted flopper.

The loading notches are smooth and accommodate line wishbones without fraying them. Shafts come with 2 loading notches spaced at approximately 2".  Notched shafts will work with both open and closed muzzle guns.


Recommended spear lengths for Rob Allen spearguns

70cm Speargun - 110cm shaft
80cm Speargun - 120cm shaft
90cm Speargun - 130cm shaft
100cm Speargun - 140cm shaft
110cm Speargun - 150cm shaft
120cm Speargun - 160cm shaft
130cm Speargun - 170cm shaft
140cm Speargun - 180cm shaft
150cm Speargun - 190cm shaft